ABA Training for Parents and Professionals

ABA Training Programs for Parents and Professionals

Exceptional Minds Learning Academy is now offering ABA Training Programs to Parents and Professionals.  The goal of these programs is to empower Parents and Caregivers, by giving them the essential tools to successfully implement ABA strategies in the home and community.

We provide group training sessions and private one on one training sessions (home and community).

Group training sessions will cover topics such as:

  • Intro to ABA principles and how they can be implemented in home and community
  • Increasing communication
  • PECS training
  • Teaching functional play skills
  • Transitions
  • Self-help skills (Toilet-training, eating, dressing)
  • Creating routines
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Dealing with challenging behaviours

We also offer 1:1 training sessions for the above targets as well as working on any specific challenges, that are unique to your child.

This program is ideal for families who want to learn ABA methods as an effective method for interacting with their child with Autism or other special needs.  It can also benefit professionals who work with students with Autism or other special needs.

Implementing ABA techniques in the home and community can also compliment your child’s progress in their ABA/IBI program, as the skills that are taught in our ABA Training Programs are consistent with the methods that are used during ABA/IBI sessions.

All our trainers are qualified ABA therapists.

For more details regarding our program or to register, please contact sandra@exceptionalminds.ca

Training Schedule and Fees: Click here